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Glad you found me!

My experimental works consist of interactive projects, product design, and photography.

You can find some of my works below.



A speculated future in response to our current day environmental concern and advancement in technology - how would our lifestyle be like in 200 years?

Simulating a day in your life, in 2222.



Is your toddler a furry friend seeker but unfortunately allergic to them?

As easy as it is for toddlers to be drawn towards a furry friend, it is tough for parents to keep an eye on their child 24/7.

With PetsOutBot, you can!


Not a furry pet to own, but still a perfect electronic buddy to keep around.

If you are a high-risk fall patient or an elderly staying alone, this is the perfect electronic pet to have!


This is a fun exploration on facial expression tracking and filter making.
Distort my face, smile, or pout!

Screenshot 2022-01-21 213834.png


Inspired by the recent pandemic lockdown and enforcement of safe distancing between individuals, this game exaggerates the sense of urgency and personal space with a replication of the lockdown.

grandma grass(1).png


Psst.. click on me!

Have you noticed the increasing amount of bald grass patches across grass fields lately?


Scan the QR code to interact with us!



A garment created to encapsulate the coexistence of multi-cultural Singapore and Chinese into one is introduced, challenging the stereotype of what a traditional Chinese garment should look like.


Between the interwoven culture of obsessive fast-fashion and traditional garments, this work presents the deconstruction of upcycled clothing in perfect integration with the essence of traditional garments.

Bringing new life and sustainability through a collective of strangers' memories in each recycled piece of clothing, the tech aspect comes in as an aesthetic booster and signifier.

main photo2.jpg


Dystopic Utopia speculates the futuristic aspect of the incoming effects of the pandemic and how the society would adapt to changes. Conceptually, this act of searching for utopia in a pandemic in turn becomes dystopic.

Pro-Capture One 00497.JPG


Drawn from the sense of imbalance between a modernized and clean-cut generation with the almost forgotten beauty of organicity, this piece plays with a fun visual of contrast.



Photo series for a pseudo magazine shoot, inspired by an article from Dezeen featuring the making of mycelium leather by Mylo.


In a media-crazed world, smooth and flawless skin are dictated as the ideal standard of beauty, nothing short of naming it an obsession.

This documentary series documents the intimacy of learning to embrace it.



Shot in an attempt to mimic editorial-style collection as a top off to another project titled "Dystopic Utopia".



Vision for this shoot was to emphasise a dark and uncomfortable appeal to the audiences, glorifying the antagonist to be used as a bait.

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