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"FollowMe" is an Arduino project that enables a robot to sense your presence in the vicinity via an infrared proximity sensor, powered by DC motor and follows you around wherever you go.

The robot in turn becomes your personal electronic pet as it is always by your side accompanying you and tailing behind everywhere you go in a confined space.
This project first came to me with the intention of making it a fun, interactive project between an inanimate technical object and a human. Interactivity between a robot and a human interests me as I wanted to explore into how these two are able to communicate without any primary translation or direct contact. The idea of this grew as I explored into the possibilities of how and what can happen with this interactivity.

At a further look, this project has the potential to become an electronic pet aid for the lonely (any age target) and even elderly. With the possibilities of technology and WIFI, an inbuilt speaker and WIFI chip can communicate with the lonely and be an emergency alert for the elderlies. In a case whereby an elderly has fallen down alone in a private space, the robot can detect owner's sudden change in movement and activate a blaring sound to alert anyone nearby, or even alert a relative via telegram message bot.
The possibilities are endless.

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