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A Stone's Throw Away

"A Stone’s Throw Away" is a sequential gameplay VR projection, extrapolating human-directed lifestyle in response to environmental concerns and technological adaptation.
Made possible through Unreal Engine 5.0.3 and Oculus Quest 2 (+ hand-tracking feature).

Through speculative fiction, this project explores the impending future being as suggested – as being a stone’s throw away. The speculated situation of what human lifestyles could become in the year 2222 lies in the curated digital environment, coupled with subtle cues that suggest the deconstruction of primitive instincts and disruption to our social nature.


The curated digital environment reflects what I believe to be the ideal scenario of lifestyle evolution — a reference to our reliance on science and technology as a coping mechanism to adapt and improve the quality of living with our situation at hand.

My vision for this project is to connect design and art with real-world issues, making a visionary prediction tangible and impactful for participants, simulating a day of living in the future, all within a 5-minutes period. This sequential game-play projection is designed to provide an illusion of a unique experience for each participant, bringing the participants on an endless loop of a day spent while given an illusion of choice.

Sequence play through VR - day in your life

The design of this set-up is to ensure an inclusive virtual reality gameplay to spectators as well. When a singular player dons on a VR headset, the 3-screened projection will be casting what the player sees in real-time, and the selections they make as they go through a day in their life.

In response to this, the spectators have a choice to direct the player verbally, or mentally make a choice themselves. This act in return makes the spectators a player themselves.