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Dystopic Utopia

"Dystopic Utopia" predicts the futuristic aspect of the incoming effects of the pandemic and how the society would adapt to changes.
Conceptually, this act of searching for utopia in a pandemic in turn becomes dystopic.

In a virus-filled city, efforts were made to better adhere to the situation at hand. As the government take the essential course of action to regulate the ever evolving economy, citizens head back to the normality of life, going back to work and roaming the streets leisurely. Watching passersby adorned with technified fully covered face masks would be a norm by law, in hopes to find the common ground of fighting the air and livelihood.

To assist in the changes of human preference from the lack of interaction, citizens have the option to also use it as a reverse hearing-aid, to shut their hearing off once the mask is worn. Their ‘offline status’ will then be reflected in reality as they exist. Rhetorically, citizens are made to believe that the illusion of choice of interaction is eliminated, while being trapped in a bubble made essential to prevent interaction.

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