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"noContact" is a Unity project game that requires 2 players for execution.
Disclaimer: Assets shown in this game are all imported libraries (authorised).

The pandemic has invaded and has since altered the way of interaction from one to another, in many ways through our daily lives. We can no longer roam around freely in large groups or communicate on public transports. Grocery trips are advised to be less frequent.
In short, make a quick trip and return home if no other agendas.
Since the implemented guidelines to reduce/minimize interaction and communication in public space, I have decided to make a 2-player game which requires no physical interaction between players. Instead, players will co-exist in virtual space and will be dependent on each other for survival.


you arranged a no-contact grocery trip with your friend 10 minutes before the store closes to avoid the crowd and pick up some groceries for the week. both of you have no intentions to make contact, just there to grocery shop and to ensure each other’s safety.

each of you are given 10 minutes to grocery shop, and then leave to go back to your respective homes. in the midst of urgency, you dropped your house key in the grocery store, so did your friend. the lights in the store went out as it has already been 10 minutes. you are now left with 1 minute before the doors automatically lock.

quickly find your keys and exit within 1 minute before you get locked in!




look around for your key, and head back home ASAP!



- 2 players start off at opposite ends of map. (scene: grocery store)
- grocery store is pitch black (spotlight illumination only around individual player)

- look for key (1 minute timer) and exit grocery store with your friend.

(both players must find their respective keys to end game)




- do not collide into your friend (game over)

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