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Interwoven Culture

"Interwoven Culture" is a hybrid project done with fashion and tech (Arduino).


Between the interwoven culture of obsessive fast-fashion and traditional garments, this work presents the deconstruction of recycled clothing in perfect integration with the essence of traditional garments.

Bringing new life and sustainability through a collective of strangers' memories in each recycled piece of clothing, the tech aspect comes in as an aesthetic booster and signifier.

modelled by: Cheryl @lllyrehc

photographed by: Faisha @fairiezy

Very commonly seen in these days, are uprising trends of new styles of fashion statements. With every new publication of a fashion magazine and/or every new Instagram post by a famous designer, the trends advance to fit the demands of this forward going industry. 
But with that, also comes along obsessive over-consumption of fast-fashion.

Too many times, consumers chuck aside pieces of old clothing in the corner of their wardrobe or donate them to accommodate their new thirst of buying new clothing to flow with the new trend.

As a consumer of fast-fashion, I have decided to find more meaning in my 
purchases and think about the sustainability issues of this habit.

Unwanted clothing were collected and pieced together by fabric manipulation to form a back panel on the cape.

I believe that behind every piece of donated clothing holds some emotions to the previous owner, be it of fond memories or just a piece of basic piece that brought them through spontaneous casual lunch dates, they all hold some kind of anonymous memories in each individual pieces.

LED lights were attached onto the recycled clothing via conductive thread.
The hidden LEDs would light up systematically and gradually from the bottom to the top of the cape with a pressure triggered sensor as the model walks down the aisle, signifying a new life brought together with unwanted pieces of clothing.

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